Youths hope anti-corruption message will help voters in choosing right leaders

09 Nov 2021 01:04pm

Rasuah Busters is taking an aggressive approach in spreading its anti-corruption message to young voters in Melaka.

The response has been overwhelming.

Many, especially youngsters, have been showing support and praising the team's effort in educating the public on money politics.

The team has also been giving out free face-masks as an effort to promote public safety during the state elections amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Placards with the words "Rasuah Busters" were given to the voters to instill the spirit to fight against corruption and abuse power as the campaign period begins.

Khairunnisa Samat, 29, said the team's actions to go head on and reach the community about their message were commendable.

She said not many people were willing to engage the public and discuss about the issue, which has been a unspoken practice for so long.

"Having a casual conversation and at the same time reminding the people about the dangers of bribery is a good and effective approach especially during the election.

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"The action of giving something, especially money, in exchange for the the people's votes is wrong and disgusting.

"Rasuah Buster's movement in spreading the anti-corruption message is what we need and apt," the cosmetic seller said on Monday.

Meanwhile, 25-year old Nurmunirah Azizan said the team's effort to raise awareness about bribery and abuse of power should be further amplified from time to time.

"Malaysia needs to put an end when it comes to corruption, abuse of power and bribery. This shameful act is only putting our name in the gutter and affecting the credibility of the nation.

"We do not want the country's image to be in the dirt. In the end, the people are the ones who suffer most from a corrupted government," she said, adding that the campaign had garnered huge support from youths.

Zaim Zainal, 24, pledged his support to the Rasuah Busters and asked others to join him.

The man from Tampoi Kerubung, Melaka, said this will help to raise awareness among the community regarding the importance of living a corruption-free lifestyle.

"The anti-corruption message from the team are easy to comprehend and reminds the public to not fall for the act.

“We hope the messages decimated by the Rasuah Busters would help convince the people of Melaka to vote for the right leaders in this election," he said.