Spreading the anti-corruption message in Melaka

09 Nov 2021 01:34pm
Rasuah Busters crew at the Mon Tamar Family home in Kampung Bukit Kecil Paya Dalam, Melaka.
Rasuah Busters crew at the Mon Tamar Family home in Kampung Bukit Kecil Paya Dalam, Melaka.

The Melaka Polls kicked off yesterday on a high note as candidates, supporters and media members made filled nomination centres across the state.

The Rasuah Busters crew has also joined the party as they wander around Melaka to convey its anti-corruption message and urging voters to cancel out dirty politics.

Their mission is not only to raise awareness on corruption but to ensure the people understand the dangers of bribery and abuse of power, and how it could effect's the nation's growth.

The team is determined to spread their message across the broad and at all levels of society, starting from leaders of political parties, the election candidates as well as the voters themselves.

Rasuah Busters believe that the voters needs to be enlightened on the importance of choosing the right leader to serve them. The voters holds the ability to choose a leader with high integrity.

If the wrong faces are chosen to take up the seat, the people will once again suffer the consequences.

Just imagine if infrastructure projects such as hospitals, schools, roads and police stations could not be completed within the given time frame or merely done in low quality.

This also applies to projects meant to provide positive impacts to the environment.

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Corruption is similar to the domino theory where one incident would lead to chain of events. In corruption, it starts from the top and reaches the bottom, with the people being most affected. If there is no bribery, the efforts to ameliorate the country or the state can be accomplished and the livelihood of the people can be improved.

Since Rasuah Busters' campaign started yesterday, many people have come forward showing support for the movement, voicing out against money culture.

Awareness on corruption, bribery and abuse of power among the younger generation have shown significant changes.

The team's engagement with the public showed that most voters will be judging the candidates based on their credibility and integrity thus we hope the Melaka state election will be a turning point for a greater nation.