Resembling the Mushaf, Al-Azhar graduate writes the Quran by hand

31 Dec 2021 02:18pm

Her talent left many in awe. Not only is she does memorise the Quran but is also able to write every word of the holy book by hand.

Her calligraphy skills using the Ottoman writings are precise, resembling the mushaf of the Quran in which we still read until today.

This gifted individual is Fatima Youssef Adly, a second-year graduate at the Arabic Language Department at Al-Azhar University in Asyut, Egypt.

Here, she talks to a popular Middle Eastern news portal of how interested she was towards the writings of the Quran and aspired to make her dreams a reality.

Since continuing her studies at Al-Azhar University, she was was able to polish her skills in learning the Arabic language thus becoming much more fluent in it.

“I completed memorising the Al-Quran at the age of 15. I also envision writing the Quran to improve my memorization skills apart from improving my Arabic calligraphy skills,” Fatima said as cited through a portal from

Interestingly, Fatima who is from Hajj Salam village in Fattoush Centre in Qena Governorate, Egypt succeeded in writing every single Quranic verse in just five months.

She also used the well-known calligraphy style, al-khatat Othman Taha who is a Mushaf Madinah writer and several other mushaf editions.

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“I feel extremely satisfed that I am able to write and memorise the Quran,” she said, adding that she was motivated by verse 24, Suruh an-Nur in achieving her dreams