Why are Rohingya refugees only interested in coming to Malaysia and Indonesia?

05 Jan 2022 11:41am
Boat packed with dozens of Rohingya refugees seen along the Indonesian coastline
Boat packed with dozens of Rohingya refugees seen along the Indonesian coastline

Last year, Indonesian authorities towed a boat packed with dozens of Rohingya at sea as they are not allowed to land on the coast of Aceh Province, Indonesia.

The boat was filled with at least 100 individuals and was then ejected to the coast of Malaysia.

On humanitarian grounds, Indonesia decided to tow the boat and disembarked them at Kruengkeukuh port, Lhokseumawe City, in Acheh.

We all know that the ethnic group ran away from refugee camps in Bangladesh to live a new life in foreign countries, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia.

I remembered the time when I interviewed a Rohingya citizen who has been living in Klang, Selangor for the past 20 years.

They even have their own school and village which contributes to them believing that Malaysia and Indonesia are the perfect place for them to sustain their life.

I used to ask why they cannot stay in their own country and they choose not to answer the question by keeping mum.

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As of now, Malaysia is occupied with more than 200,000 registered ethnics Rohingya.

This question is a wonder to many, but why exactly do the Rohingya choose Malaysia as their location of refuge?

I don’t even have the answer for it myself but I think it is because Malaysia is too kind and we can see it through the number of Rohingya citizens living here.

I am not trying to discriminate against the Rohingya refugees but enough is enough. Please don't come to Malaysia, as we are now struggling to survive due to Covid-19.

I only hope for one thing, that they should fight for their land and stop running away. When will this issue end if you keep running away from it.

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