Perak Islamic Religious Department calls for government to double up the fight against corruption

07 Jan 2022 02:34pm
Congregants performing a Solat Hajat to welcome 2022 at the Masjid Tepian Putra in Kuantan. -- Bernama Photo.
Congregants performing a Solat Hajat to welcome 2022 at the Masjid Tepian Putra in Kuantan. -- Bernama Photo.

SHAH ALAM - In its Friday sermon, the Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIPk) explicates the issue of corruption for the first week of the year, after the country faces a multitude of challenges recently.

JAIPk emphasises the challenges Malaysia has experienced in 2021 in regards to politics, health, the economy and even environmental disaster with the recent floods nationwide that claimed many lives and caused extensive damages to property.

JAIPk stated that the hardship faced by the nation throughout 2021 should be used as a lesson, especially to the leaders for them to formulate policies and introduce initiatives to restore the welfare of the people.

“Acts of breach of trust and corruption have been among the causes of the nation’s failure in various dimensions, including leadership, economy, social, education, science and technology and every act of corruption brings great consequences that can affect other sectors since they are interconnected,” they said.

JAIPk also mentioned that the concerns over corruption are being voiced more frequently these days as the people are becoming more frustrated and losing their faith in the country’s determination to eradicate corruption.

“The country has established the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as the body responsible for tackling corruption, but it would be meaningless if there is no seriousness at the levels of enforcement, investigation, prosecution and punishment.

“Especially when the image and reputation of the MACC have recently been tarnished, with reports of misconduct among the staff of the commission,” they said.

In the sermon, they urge the society to practice a few Islamic practices in order to eradicate corruption such as increasing their faith and cognizance, especially those appointed with positions, duties or responsibilities.

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JAIPk also insists for the educational efforts to be increased in infusing a sense of disgust towards corruption, starting from the children from a young age at their homes and schools.

"The people should also voice out their objections more strongly and bravely and move forward to expose corruption activities happening around them.

“Meanwhile, the government should prove their determination in eliminating corruption in the society by taking firm and rapid measures without taking sides and bowing down to any parties,” they said.