Sign of Protest: 16 PKR Sabah Division Chiefs boycott meeting

09 Jan 2022 10:45am
The division chiefs who are calling for Liew’s removal. (Source:  Labuan Division Chief, Simsudin Sidek)
The division chiefs who are calling for Liew’s removal. (Source: Labuan Division Chief, Simsudin Sidek)
KOTA KINABALU - Sixteen PKR Sabah division chiefs boycotted the state’s leadership meeting yesterday (Jan 8) as a sign of protest against the party’s liaison chairman Datuk Christina Liew.

The state leadership council meeting was held in hybrid; both physical and virtually.

The division leaders were the same people who called for Liew’s immediate removal of the party’s state liaison chairman on Dec 18 last year.

They were of the opinion that a new leader is needed to ensure the revival of PKR in Sabah.

Sabah Division Chiefs Secretariat chairman, who is also Labuan Division Chief, Simsudin Sidek said this was a sign of protest against Liew.

He added that those in the group who wanted Liew replaced included PKR Sabah’s Angkatan Muda, Wanita, Srikandi and Skuad Sabah chiefs.

“I have been informed that the quorum for the meeting’s attendance was not enough but they still carried on with it by inviting a few individuals and appointing them with positions immediately.

“It is clear that Christian is desperate. I have proof of both online and physical attendance list,” he said in a statement late last night.

He added that Kota Belum Division Chief Mustapha Sakmud has been removed as the PKR Sabah deputy chairman.
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“His removal is likely due to his failure to help Christina gain majority support for divisions chiefs.

“Today is exactly 20 days (Jan 8) after the scheduled division chiefs secretariat meeting with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PKR President) in Kota Kinabalu before he cancelled it due to the floods in the peninsula,” he said.

Simsudin stated that this demand was not something new and has actually been prolonged for the past four years, adding that this secretariat was established last year to remove of Liew.

“I, as the sectrariat head representing 16 PKR divisions, urge Anwar to immediately solve this political crisis.

“We also urge this is settled immediately and not be pulled further until the party’s election that is set to happen very soon.

“Such actions will not give any benefits or advantages to the party but instead will an even worse split in PKR Sabah.

The 16 leaders who endorsed the move were Sazalye Donol (Kota Marudu), Simsudin Sidek (Labuan), Dausil Kundayong (Tuaran), Franti Kuntau (Papar), Wendey Agung Baruh (Sipitang), Peter Sumping (Ranau), Raymond Ahuar (Pensiangan), Matusin Apang (Batu Sapi), Sahrudin Harol (Sandakan), Romansa Lamin (Silam), Sahrul Zakaria (Kalabakan), Barani Ampise (Tenom), Roslan Hussin (Kimanis), Abdul Gani Zebika (Tawau) and Rasam (Keningau).

On Dec 19 last year, Liew was quoted saying she was too busy promoting the party for her to be worried about the demands.

“I will be more worried if I cannot promote the party. I don’t want a repeat of Sarawak,” she said, referring to PKR’s heavy loss in yesterday’s Sarawak elections.

“After the Melaka and Sarawak polls, my immediate reaction is for PKR to win more seats (in Sabah). That is my number one concern and priority,” Liew said, as reported by a local English portal.
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