BACK AND FORTH: The Malaysian culture of glorifying the corrupt

10 Jan 2022 12:16pm
For illustrative purposes only. (Source:
For illustrative purposes only. (Source:

Lately, we have witnessed the culture of glorifying and supporting people embroiled in various allegations of corruption and abuse of power become more rampant in the country.

We fear that this culture will only continue and turn our society into worshippers of the corrupt.

Perhaps this perception has already been ingrained in the minds of many thus why wherever these corruption-linked figures go, they are treated as a hero.

This is actually very scary and worrying.

What’s even more worrying is the fact that this is considered “okay” and openly accepted by many.

And if these figures have the ability to mobilise energy and money, the public’s support for them heightens even more so.

People gather and cheer for them just as they welcome war heroes returning from battle.

Recently, we have even seen figures in government institutions using the same tactics to gain support.

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At a recent press conference given by a civil servant at an important government institution, we were even able to see some non-governmental organisations (NGO) attending to show their support.

A day prior, various people including media members received text messages asking to gather at the press conference to show support for the civil servant involved.

This was something historical.

There has never been an event where people gathered to show support for a civil servant.

This only cast a negative light, showing people that he needs our support on the basis that he is a Malay.

Why has this happened? Where did we go wrong to the point where such things can happen? The answer may be linked to education and practices from young.

That is why there has been calls asking for the Rukun Negara to be taught as subject in schools as it acts as a comprehensive guide vital to life.

It will cultivate the overall characteristics needed for each Malaysian citizen to differentiate between what is wrong and right We have to bring back values as how it was practiced by our grandparents. A simple example would be bowing down while walking in front of an elderly or asking for permission when passing something to them.

They are longer practiced in the younger generations today and there will come a day where it will completely diminished from this world.

But we are most worried that this belief that corrupted figures are heroes and treated as one.

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