What is more to come after Deltacron?

11 Jan 2022 10:30am
Covid-19 much more contagious variant threatens to unravel the national recovery effort.
Covid-19 much more contagious variant threatens to unravel the national recovery effort.

SHAH ALAM -- A media report mentioned that a pulmonologist (respiratory physician) at Vichaiyut Bangkok Hospital, Thailand, Dr Manoon Leechawengongs predicted that the Omicron variant is an indicator that the Covid-19 pandemic is ending.

Although it does not represent the statement from the majority of the experts all around the world, but it gives a sense of relief as we enter 2022 because it has already been three years since the pandemic started.

In addition, the Omicron variant is reported to be less dangerous compared to the Delta strains that were previously said to be contagious and led to the rise in Covid-19 deaths.

Many people hope there will be reports from other experts that will lead to the end of the pandemic as the majority of the global population are deeply affected by the pandemic.

However, as we are seeing the end, a new strain made its appearance combining Delta and Omicron variants found in Cyprus.

According to the Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus and Head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology, Leondios Kostrikis said there are infections of Omicron and Delta variants and they found out a combination of both strains.

According to him, the latest finding is named as ‘Deltacron’ because of the genetic identification such as Omicron in the Delta genome.

He added, they will try to find out if the strains are more contagious or if it can exceed the Delta and Omicron variants in the future.

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With the findings of the Deltacron strain, it is predicted by many that many more will be found after this with various names.

No matter what it is called, we hope that the strain is not deadly and dangerous.

We are certainly not able to face an outbreak of new variants because we are still feeling the impact of the previous variant through the economy and our livelihood and the effects can still be felt now.

In this case, whatever the name of the variant is, we all hope for it not to be dangerous so that we can move forward with our recovery phase.

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