The millennial generation as Malaysia's future leaders

11 Jan 2022 10:44am
The youth are an important aspect to the future development of the country in every aspects of the national agenda.
The youth are an important aspect to the future development of the country in every aspects of the national agenda.

It is undeniable that youngsters today are the backbone in achieving new democracy whilst in the process of deciding the national agenda.

Evidently, the millennials or the Gen-Y are the right fit to become the benchmark for the rakyat as there is no elite political figure who is able to display good political unity in the country.

Therefore, their involvement in politics is needed to sculpt a more progressive and sustainable development of new politics.

The question is, how will the leaders of this generation prove their credibility when most of the current leaders are from the "boomer" generation?

Realizing this fact, Malaysia should recognize the leadership skills of this generation not only as future leaders but the leaders of today.

This generation should be given more prospects to be involved in the national political arena.

It is not too late to congratulate Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) which is recently registered as an official political party.

After a long-fought battle to make Muda as an official political party in Malaysia, Muar MP, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman succeeded in making it possible.

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His party has received more than 60,000 membership applications and the number is expected to increase.

What is more to prove that the younger generation today lacks awareness towards politics?

Not only that, a perfect example can be seen through the participation of young candidates during the Melaka state election which can be considered as a noteworthy act as it changes the national political landscape that is now dominated by the "veterans"

Their presence in the arena are fitting with the needs of the era in which many of the people are starting to accept young leaders to govern the country.

In spite of that, the trend in several developed countries also indicates that many young leaders are starting to be recognized on a higher level, suitable for the dynamic of the society that has changed drastically.


What is the risk to the country if the younger generation is given the opportunity to lead as they are also the ones who are going to rule the country in the future?

Not that I want to deny the position of the older leaders, but the younger generation definitely has their own formula to prosper the country, especially during the global pandemic era.

Previously, former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad admitted the leadership of his generation has ended and the legacy of the governance should be resumed by the younger generation.

Not just that, the political analyst, Professor Dr Sivamurugan Pandian also explained is the right time for Malaysia to recognize the position of the youth who have the expertise in different backgrounds, including gender equality to open more doors of opportunity for the upcoming GE15.

According to him, ways to introduce new candidates is through a fresh brand that is suitable for the political change in the country.

Therefore, the perception of young people not having experience in not valid.

Precisely, society should stop seeing this generation as mere a substitute.

Political orthodoxy in the country is getting less relevant, it is now the time for Malaysia to open the door of opportunities for the youth to lead.

If a developed country has a Prime Minister and a president that is 35 years old, Malaysia should not deny the potential of the young leaders in governing the nation.

The younger generations have the potential if they were given the space.

It is not the role of other political figures to disrupt them in politics, within a party or a role in national leadership.

Please realize that the youngsters today are no longer the ‘bench-player’ but the future leaders of the country.

It is definitely a huge aim for Malaysia to be governed and dominated by the younger generation.

*Muhammad Sahrul Fahiz Mat Ariff is the Assistant Producer of Sinar Harian Programme

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