Azam Baki launches defamation suit against whistleblower Lalitha

12 Jan 2022 09:49pm
Azam Baki filed a defamation suit against Lalitha Kunaratnam.
Azam Baki filed a defamation suit against Lalitha Kunaratnam.

SHAH ALAM: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki has launched a defamation suit against activist Lalitha Kunaratnam over her articles published in the Independent News Service (INS)، last year.

The suit was filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court through law firm Messrs Zain Megat & Murad، today (Wednesday)

According to a statement issued by Azam's lawyer Megat Abdul Munir، the legal action is in relation to the articles that were published and republished by the defendant (Lalitha) in the New York City-based news wire service on Oct 26 and Dec 15، last year.

"Instead of responding to our client’s Letter of Demand issued on Jan 6، she has through her lawyer issued a press statement published on her Twitter account، wherein she has claimed to stand by her publication and republication، the contents of which our client strenuously maintains are defamatory.

“Our client is therefore constrained to file this suit before the expiry of 14 days from the date of the Letter of Demand to protect his good name، reputation and professional standing، ” he said in the statement.

Megat said his client was merely asserting his rights as enshrined by the Federal Constitution and applicable laws، to seek necessary and appropriate reliefs from the court.

He said his client strongly believes that this will also provide the defendant a similar right and opportunity to justify her claims in court and not merely engage in a trial by the media.

The lawyer added that Azam will not be making any further statements in relation to the matter and will leave it to the court to hear and decide accordingly.

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“Lastly، our client wishes to make clear his unwavering commitment that the MACC will always protect all whistleblowers who fall within the ambit of the Whistleblower Protection Act، ” he said.

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