Police: motorcyclist still contributes most to traffic fatalities in 2019, 2020

13 Jan 2022 03:22pm
Statistics released by the police shows motorcyclist still contributes the most to traffic fatalities in 2019 and 2020
Statistics released by the police shows motorcyclist still contributes the most to traffic fatalities in 2019 and 2020

SHAH ALAM -- Despite being under the Movement Control Order (MCO) for most of 2020, motorcyclists represent the highest group involved in road fatalities, with 3,118 cases or 68 per cent of total traffic-related death, according to data released by the police.

In total, 2020 saw 4,634 total traffic-related death with 418,237 total road accidents, a much lower statistic compared to 2019, said Bukit Aman Traffic Investigations and Enforcement principal assistant director Superintendent Dr Bakri Zainal Abidin.

For context, in 2019, there were 567,516 traffic accidents with 6,167 fatalities or on average of 17 death a day, compared to 13 fatalities in a day in 2020.

Motorcyclists also remain the highest group with road fatalities in 2019 with 64 per cent or 3,959 cases In comparison, there are 888 fatal car accidents in 2020 and 1,253 cases in 2019, followed by 266 pedestrian fatalities in 2020 and 394 of similar cases in 2019.

Bakri explained that the bulk of road safety awareness campaigns and advocacy are being targeted at motorcyclists as they are also a group that commits the most traffic violations.

“If we can target this group, then we can bring down the numbers. This is the group that we have to tackle,'' he said.

Bakri also revealed that every fatal road accident has a grim economic cost of RM3.2 million per death, with the overall cost has tolled in the billions for the country.

Bakri was presenting a data set of total traffic-related accidents and deaths for 2019 and 2020 during the launch of the nationwide road safety campaign by the General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) and Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA), with the cooperation of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and the police earlier today.

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The campaign, themed “#steadybrader” hopes to educate and promote defensive driving while encouraging road users to remain steady when riding or driving vehicles.

Bakri also stated that despite an overall reduction of 26.3 per cent of total accidents from 2019 to 2020, he cautioned that the reduction in numbers is not an accomplishment.

“Just imagine that we have some 32 million registered cars on the road and even with the MCO in 2020, there were still 418,237 traffic-related accidents. So where did we go wrong?

“To say enforcement, both JPJ and police are working around the clock. We have eight major operations to tackle road accidents.

“So out of 17 causes of road accidents، we pinpointed the major cause is down to the behaviour of the motorist itself, ’’ he said.

Bakri also stated that after the MCO was lifted and heading to 2021 and 2022, the current statistics of traffic accidents are showing an upward trend.

“So where are we now? It seems that the numbers are going back to a state of 'business as usual', with an average of 1,500 accidents a day and death going up to 16 or 17 a day, on average, ’’ he said.

Bakri has also repeatedly stressed the need for all road users to be cautious and to practise safe driving etiquette.


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