Based on the looks of the road, we know which rep didn't do their job

13 Jan 2022 04:26pm
Photo for illustrative purposes
Photo for illustrative purposes

After 16 years of working, this was the first time I was able to plan a holiday and celebrate the New Year in another state as I usually spend my days off either at home or at my workplace

This time, I had chosen Sabah as my getaway destination and use up my annual leaves.

I kick-started my holiday in Sandakan and then to Tawau, Semporna, Kota Belud and Kota Kinabalu.

I had purposely taken the road to explore the beautiful state.

Previously, I only heard my friends who were from Terengganu and Kelantan telling me about their experience travelling to Kuala Lumpur which was a seven to eight-hour journey.

This time,I was the one experiencing the thrills of traveling on the road for 14 hours from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu.

I honestly did not know it would take that long but it was a pleasant experience to have witnessed the amazing views throughout the road trip.

However, it was no longer exciting when I had to pass through pothole-ridden roads and even bumped my head several times on the car's side mirror.

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Throughout the journey on the damaged road, I could not help but wonder why the people's representative there did not take any initiatives to ensure that the road facilities were all in good condition.

It was weird as the roads in all the other places were fine.

If representatives are not playing their roles, who else can the people depend on.

The key to the people's trust lies on the hardwork and honesty of their representative.

Do not act like a hero at the Dewan Rakyat and be completely useless at your own constituency.

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