Public in fear as some walk around freely with fake vaccination certs

14 Jan 2022 03:41pm
Tan (left) and Sakeenah (right) voiced out their concerns over people who faked their vaccination status.
Tan (left) and Sakeenah (right) voiced out their concerns over people who faked their vaccination status.

SHAH ALAM: Malaysians were shock to learn that 14 per cent of the returning umrah priglims did not have a Covid-19 vaccination record.

With the news circulating on social media on how easy it was to obtain a fake vaccination certificate, questions on how the government is handling the vaccination process arised.

Tan Teng Teng, 29, shares that she felt that the act of buying fake vaccination certificates is irresponsible and those who participated in such transactions were selfish.

"Buying the fake vaccination certificate is a very irresponsible act towards your friends and colleagues.

"We should be protecting each other in battling Covid-19 which has been around for 2 years now.

"Why wouldn't they get inoculated? It's just a simple jab that could protect themselves and everyone around them," she said.

She lamented that she now feels that was unsafe to go to work as people around her might carry around a fake vaccination certificate.

Meamwhile, Ruzanna Muhammad, 38, said people should not be purchasing fake certificates especially those whose work require them to be fully vaccinated.

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"It is illegal to do so and it is just like if you are buying a fake identification document or passport," she said.

Ruzanna said it was crucial to resolve the issue and to find out what are the causes so that it could be stopped.

She said people need to get vaccinated and should not be walking around freely holding a fake vaccination certificate.

"Get yourself vaccinated, and get a proper vaccination certificate so that you can protect yourself and others," she said.

Sakeenah Mohammed Nasser, 35, a mother, also voiced her concerns over the issue.

"We are supposed to believe in the authenticity of the MySejahtera vaccination certification, but knowing that it can be fabricated is just scary to me," she said.

"Now I feel like I have to be more careful when I go outside and I would usually get suspicious of the people around me," she added.

She said she was also worried for her children's safety since school was about to start, but there was no way of knowing if all the teachers at the school have authentic vaccination certificates.