Four major contributors of period cramps

by Nurul Fadila Awaludin
15 Jan 2022 06:25am

It's common for women to feel aches in various areas of her body once the menstrual cycle starts, especially around the abdomen, waist and back.

This would definitely affect their emotions and the quality of their daily activities apart from feeling fatigue as the muscle reaction can cause spasm to certain parts of the body.

We cannot deny the fact that pain is a natural reaction of the body but there are certain factors that can cause the pain to feel worse.

Among them are:


Emotional distress can heighten the throbbing pain during menstruation to get worse. Studies find that women who are over-stressed two weeks prior to their period will experience extra menstrual pain during their menstruation period compared to those who are not stressed out before their period comes.


It is best to avoid food with additional sugar as sweet foods such as chocolate, cake and biscuits lead to bloating and feeling gassy during menstruation.


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Fast food is any easy option when we're tired and hungry. But it is common knowledge that fast food isn't good for you because it's greasy, processed and less nutritious. These things can lead to more pain felt during a period cycle.


Caffeinated drinks such as coffee is a favorite to many however the consumption of high-caffeinated makes your cramps worse. Cut back on the coffee to maybe one cup per day instead of three.

Source: ICNN Indonesia