Union urges govt to investigate how deep fake vax certs go 

15 Jan 2022 01:41pm

SHAH ALAM - Revelations of the fake vaccination certificates scandal have shocked Malaysians, with many wondering if this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Citizens have voiced out their concerns both online and offline, fearing that they were still many unvaccinated people, or in this case fakers, walking around among them.

UNI Malaysia Labor Centre (UNI-MLC) President Datuk Mohamed Shafie BP Mammal stated that this was not the time for the ministries to point fingers but focus on the root cause and viable solutions.

“What happened has shocked Malaysians but this is not the time to point fingers.

“The government needs to check if this is really the first time it has happened or there has been previous cases which had not been caught,” he told Sinar Daily.

Mohamed Shafie said this is crucial since the confidence of the people towards authorities has started to waver.

He said people were questioning how the pilgrims were able to perform umrah and return home without vaccination records.

Not only that, he said, reports on civil servants in Melaka who possess fake MySejahtera Covid-19 digital vaccination certificates were shocking.

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He said what was more disturbing was the fact that they were purportedly planning to sell it.

Mohamed Shafie also said a strategic plan should be formed with the organisations involved in order to check on the MySejahtera Covid-19 vaccination status.

This was administrated by the Health Ministry and assisted by the National Security Council and the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit.

“The authorities also need to check if the MySejahtera application has been hacked to enable fake vaccination certificate to be issued illegally,” he said.

Meanwhile, when asked about the “No-Jab, No-Job” policy, he said that a careful approach should be used in order to encourage them to get vaccinated.

“Employees in Malaysia have been encouraged to get the first, second and third vaccination doses.

“For those who do not want get themselves vaccinated, authorities can trace them and use a careful approach to convince them of the importance of vaccination,” he said.