Khairy proposes future-proof white paper for reformation of country's health system

15 Jan 2022 03:09pm

KUALA LUMPUR- Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has proposed a white paper for the reformation of the country's health system, especially in ensuring that it is future proof.

He said he had raised the matter to the ministry’s Planning Division for it to be tabled in Parliament.

"I propose, as an implementation strategy, the establishment of a Health Reform Commission that shall be accountable to Parliament and this Health Reform Commission is the implementing body to all changes and reforms that are agreed in the White Paper.

"This is to ensure that when a new minister takes over, there will be no change because the ministry and the minister focus on policy and policy implementation," he said when delivering his 2022 New Year message in Putrajaya two days ago (Jan 13).

Khairy said the country's health system must be future-proof by ensuring that all public health needs were met through appropriate and adequate allocation to the Health Ministry (MOH).

Adequate allocation for MOH through the national budget is crucial in ensuring the country is prepared to face any unforeseen situations, he added.

He said reforms in the country’s health system should not only focus on the aspect of adequate allocation, but it should also involve healthcare financing on how the health burden could be shared with the people.

"Are we going to still adopt a subsidy system for all regardless of income or will we move to a system where those who can afford it, can pay more than what they are paying now," he said.

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He expressed the hope to see the first 5G public hospital in Malaysia, which would be an anchor to hospitals in the rural areas.

"I want our hospitals and facilities to be more environmentally friendly using green tech. Many of our new buildings have been winning the green index and so on, but we must, as a ministry, commit ourselves to more sustainability," he added.

Touching on the local medical industry, Khairy said the MOH should also be involved in the development of the industry in a comprehensive and clear manner involving pharmaceuticals, devices and medical tourism.

"In terms of study and research. I want NIH (National Institute of Health) to be an international centre of excellence, where the outcomes of studies produced are not only applied in Malaysia, but also be a reference to other countries.

"I also want to focus on TCM (Traditional and Complimentary Medicine). TCM is something that is close to the hearts of our society, but it needs to be more mainstreamed internationally," he said.

On the internationalisation of the MOH, Khairy said, he wanted to further strengthen Malaysia's role at the international level, especially taking lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of international networking to learn new methods to manage pandemics and public health.

"We want to second more of our officers to international organisations," he added.--Bernama

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