Heads Professional Paris: From salons to agents

16 Jan 2022 07:38am
Nurafida Ramli
Nurafida Ramli

SHAH ALAM - Heads Professional Paris is a hair care product that’s been around for more than 11 years, placing their products in salons for professional use.

It was not until May of 2020 when the business shifted its business direction, adopting an agentship system where it recruits individuals to distribute its products for consumers who want salon-quality products, in addition to providing an avenue for them to earn a side income as well.

Nurafida Ramli fondly known as Fida dived into the world of Heads Professional Paris by starting off as a personal shopper to purchase Heads Professional Paris products for her clients.

From there, she became an agent and now she is the co-founder and face of the company.

As the co-founder, she is responsible to strengthen the company’s online presence in addition to creating effective marketing strategies.

Since she joined, the company has now recruited agents from all over Malaysia but they are also focused on expanding it to Brunei, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia.

While products use imported ingredients, they are manufactured in Malaysia. Fida envisions for Heads Professional Paris conquer the international market in the near future.

To garner sales and recruit agents, Fida leveraged on personal branding via social media. Most days she would show off her personal testimony and results from using the products. For her, this is the most effective way to sell to new customers.

But with hundreds of agents in the country, it leaves one to wonder why the products aren’t being sold through retail or on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee or Lazada, but Fida said it’s to protect the products exclusivity in addition to helping the agents earn more money.

Weekly trainings are provided for agents, and Fida coaches them on how to close sales and how to communicate with customers.

Nur Hafizah Ahmad
Nur Hafizah Ahmad

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Under the guidance of Fida, there is Nur Hafizah Ahmad or Ieja as she is fondly known. This go-getter mother of two is a lead agent under Heads Professional Paris who went from selling the products as a one woman show to having hundreds of agents under her team.

The challenge of selling shampoo in a market that’s already to competitive without a doubt presents a plethora of challenges for Ieja but that never once stopped her and her team to achieve two million sales last year alone.

In addition to that, she now earns a smooth five figure income – something she is very proud to achieve as she goes through this journey balancing motherhood and career.

While Heads Professional Shampoo’s target market includes women and men of all ages (even kids!), Ieja specifically focuses more on women who experiences post-partum hair loss.

Today, she has set up her own office where it also functions as a one-stop shop to store Heads Professional Paris products, and a training centre where she trains her agents weekly.

Watch more of our interview with Fida and Ieja in Bang For Your Buck’s second episode out now on Sinar Daily.