Warisan could be the "King Maker" by expanding to Peninsular, says Papar MP

18 Jan 2022 07:53pm
Ahmad (middle) said Warisan will benefit greatly by expanding to the Peninsular.
Ahmad (middle) said Warisan will benefit greatly by expanding to the Peninsular.

PAPAR – Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) could be the “King Maker” or the deciding party to establish the next federal government in the upcoming 15th General Election (GE15) by expanding to the Peninsular, said Papar MP Ahmad Hassan.

Ahmad said the party as a whole will benefit greatly by expanding its chapters to the Malaysian Peninsular.

“I urge people not to sensationalise that the party’s expansion to the Peninsular will not bring any benefit, actually we will gain lots of benefits.

“If we can manage to win 20 or 15 (parliamentary) seats here and 10 seats there, easily we could have up to 25 seats. This shows that we could be the King Maker. That is why Datuk Seri (Shafie Apdal, Warisan president) is determined to contest the seats there,’’ he said.

Ahmad was speaking during a press conference at Papar Warisan division headquarters at the Benoni commercial centre here today.

He explained further that despite Sabah having only 25 parliamentary seats, it is not impossible for Warisan to win big in the upcoming general election.

“We have 25 seats. With these 25 seats, it is not impossible for us to win it all.

“So for us to have our voices are heard in Kuala Lumpur on issues within the state, we need to expand our party to Kuala Lumpur.

“If people from Kuala Lumpur (parties from the Peninsular) can come here to contest in our 25 seats, what's wrong with us going to Kuala Lumpur to get our share of the seats there,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, speaking as Papar Warisan division chief, Ahmad stressed that the party always engaged with the local community and ultimately left it in their hands to judge its performance.

“I think what I have done so far as the MP here, I have always engaged with them (the local community).

“It is up to them. What is important is that we carry on with our work. Up to them to see whether their representative is really working for them or otherwise,’’ he said.