Fake vaccination cert disrupt the efforts to combat Covid-19

26 Jan 2022 03:45pm
Sales of fake vaccination certificates disrupt to government's effort to combat Covid-19.
Sales of fake vaccination certificates disrupt to government's effort to combat Covid-19.

To curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus, vaccination is among effective measures apart from wearing face masks, washing hands regularly and social distancing.

The presence of new variants such as Omicron and Delta recently adds to the concern of the global community when Covid-19 cases are on a rise and as of last week, it has reached 332 million cases meanwhile the death toll has exceeded 5.52 million.

In Malaysia, the government is still struggling to persuade the rakyat to get their booster shots.

Frontliners are working tirelessly day and night to protect the health and the safety of the rakyat from the deadly virus.

Unfortunately, since a week ago, some irresponsible medical practitioners themselves are starting to sell fake vaccination certificates to the public.

The illegal activity was put to a stop when the police raided a polyclinic in Gombak, Selangor.

As of today, 5,601 individuals who have been detected to obtain illegitimate vaccination certificates from the polyclinic will be called by the police to help with the investigation.

Meanwhile in Terengganu, a private medical practitioner operating in a clinic in Marang was detained by the police for selling fake vaccination certificates.

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The suspect is believed to have allegedly committed the crime since September 2021 after the premise was given the approval to conduct paid vaccination shots.

The Terengganu police have confirmed that throughout the period, over 1,900 Covid-19 vaccination certificates have been issued by the clinic with the price rate of RM400 to RM600 per person.

Only two cases of the activity have been revealed thus far. Are there many more cases of fake vaccination certificates sales that were not able to be detected by the authorities?

The government plan of action to combat Covid-19 in the country will be disrupted when the medical practitioners themselves conduct such immoral action to gain profits.

There is a need for the public to provide information regarding the activity of selling fake vaccination certificates, to the authorities.

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