Firemen had to hitch ride on civilian's vehicle in rescue mission due to road condition

12 Feb 2022 04:50pm

TAWAU - A team of firefighters had to hitch a ride on a civilian’s vehicle for 50 kilometres in a rescue mission after their fire truck was unable to pass through a muddy road, here, on Friday.

During the rescue operation, the victim of a road accident, Jamaludin Raga, 50, died at the scene.

The victim was believed to have been seriously injured after being trapped in front of a 10-tonne lorry at Luasung Jalan Imbak Canyon Kalabakan, here

Tawau Fire and Rescue Station chief Julius John Stephen said they received a call regarding the incident at about 4.05pm and a total of nine personnel from the station and three machineries as well as members of the Volunteer Fire Department (PBS) were despatched to the scene located 84 kilometres away.

He said the team had hitched a ride on a four-wheel drive of a civilian on the way to the scene as the fire rescue machinery was having trouble reaching the location due to the narrow and muddy road.

“It was reported that the accident involved a 10-tonne lorry that skidded and overturned on the road shoulder and a victim was trapped.

"However, the fire trucks had difficulties reaching the location due to the road condition.

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“While waiting for assistance, the team took the initiative of hitching a ride on the four-wheel drive,” he said when contacted by Sinar Harian, on Saturday.

Julius added that he was also informed that there was no Government Integrated Radio Trunk Network (GIRN) or mobile phone network coverage at the scene.

He said efforts to remove the victim who was stuck in the front of the lorry was successful, but the victim was later pronounced dead.

The operations, he said ended at 7.35pm.