Lokman Adam removes posts made over Khairy's vaccination status on social media

17 Feb 2022 07:43pm
Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Lokman Noor Adam - BERNAMA
Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Lokman Noor Adam - BERNAMA

KUALA LUMPUR - Datuk Lokman Noor Adam has removed all statements and videos uploaded on social media involving Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin with regard to the latter’s Covid-19 vaccination status.

Lawyer Norfazilah Jaafar, who represented Lokman, said the former Umno Supreme Council member had deleted the postings as directed by the court, after Khairy obtained an ex-parte injunction on Feb 3.

Khairy on Jan 25, filed a defamation suit against Lokman seeking an injunction order for Lokman to delete the statements and videos along with captions, titles and comments within 24 hours, and an injunction restraining the defendant from republishing the posts.

He also requested the defendant to remove the defamatory statements republished on all news portals as well as social media accounts within 24 hours.

Norfazilah said in today's proceedings which took place online, High Court Judicial Commissioner Leong Wai Hong allowed Khairy's application for the ex-parte injunction he obtained to be extended until the inter-parte injunction is heard on May 10.

"Today was supposed to be the hearing for the inter-parte injunction, but it was postponed because the defence has requested for a period of time to file the affidavit in reply to the injunction application.

"The court allowed the defendant (Lokman) to file an affidavit in reply and statement of defence (in relation to the suit) before or on March 3, besides allowing the plaintiff's (Khairy) application to extend the ex-parte injunction," said the lawyer who also informed that today's proceedings were also attended by lawyer Abdul Rashid Ismail, representing Khairy.

Based on the statement of claim, Khairy, 46, who is also Rembau MP, filed the suit in his personal capacity claiming that Lokman had defamed him through two videos and a picture uploaded on the Facebook page 'Lokman Noor Adam Official' on Jan 6, besides making the statement through two live broadcasts on the same Facebook page and Youtube page 'Lokman Adam' on Jan 10.

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The plaintiff claimed that the defamatory statements implied that he had lied and deceived the public regarding his vaccination status.

According to the plaintiff, the defamatory publications had caused his reputation and integrity to be severely damaged and reduced the public's trust and confidence in him either through personal and professional capacity as well as causing his reputation to be degraded among the sane community. - BERNAMA

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