"I need to do Istikhara prayers first"- Rafizi

18 Feb 2022 02:32pm
Rafizi Ramli
Rafizi Ramli

SHAH ALAM - Former PKR vice president Rafizi Ramli admitted that he needed time to think and discuss with his family and his business investors whether to make a political comeback or not.

With the grassroots request for him to contest for the PKR deputy president post in the election set for April, he said he has to do Istikhara (prayer of guidance recited during times of indecision) first.

“InsyaAllah, I need some time to discuss this with more people, for example the shareholders who have invested in my company (some of which were international investors), staff and my family.

“That was why I told my friends to give me some time for me to do Istikhara prayers first.

“One day, I will let people know of my decision whether to return to the political arena actively or accept the request to contest for the leadership post,” he told Sinar Premium on Thursday.

The former Pandan MP was commenting on the insistence of the party's core members who were said to have tried persuading him to make a comeback and help empower PKR again in the 15th General Election (GE15).

Speculations that Rafizi and another former PKR vice president, Nurul Izzah Anwar, will be making a comeback in PKR, was getting more obvious after the two of them took a break from the political world for almost two years.

Sinar Premium was told that there was a group of PKR leaders who were considering offering the party's deputy president post to Rafizi, if he agreed to meet their demands.

Rafizi and Nurul Izzah resigned from the party together and announced their resignation from the political arena around 2019, following internal problems in the party.

Commenting further, Rafizi said he understood the feelings of some core members who were hoping to revive the party’s rhythm with his presence so that PKR could win the hearts of the people again.

Personally, he said he was a bit reluctant to return to politics because of the political mission and the trust to help convince the people that they were able to change a poorly performing government democratically which has already been achieved in 2018.

"Right now, as a result of the changes in 2018, no other party could act arrogantly especially towards the people because they know the people will punish them through the ballot box.

"But I understand the feelings of my fellow friends in the party who felt that the rhythm of the party needs to be boosted to gain a place in the hearts of the people.

"They think I might have a role in that. I will listen and will consider it, ” Rafizi said.

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