150kg crocodile caught in Papar residential area

Residents believe there is another crocodile in Prima Kinarut residential area.

20 Feb 2022 06:23pm
PAPAR - A 150kg crocodile was caught in a lake near Prima Kinarut residential area , here today.

The man was said to be fishing at 6am when he came across the predator.

Matthew Koh, 56 who works at a construction site said after checking the progress of the work, he decided to fish at a nearby lake.

"I suddenly heard noises and dogs barking as the crocodile was seen near a fence.

"A child informed me there is a crocodile in the area," he told Sinar Harian when contacted.

Worried over the safety of residents and construction workers, he tried to catch the reptile using rope from his vehicle.

"I tried to rope the neck of the crocodile, initially it was aggressive but it was stuck in the grass, making it harder to move," Koh said describing his morning ordeal.

He finally managed to put a rope on the neck before calling the 999 helpline for an emergency.

He said he has been told previously of the existence of crocodiles in the area, the residents believe there is another crocodile in the area.
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"This is the first time the crocodile has come out and it had finally been caught," he said.

Sabah Civil Defence department spokesman said they received a call at 8.15am and upon reaching the scene they caught a crocodile weighing 150kgs.

It will be handed over to the wildlife department, the spokesman said.