Muda - a party still in diapers with endless 'difficult' demands 

21 Feb 2022 01:50pm
Muda to contest in Johor polls
Muda to contest in Johor polls

SHAH ALAM: Being just two months old, Muda is still in diapers and unable to crawl yet.

But it wants to be an overnight teenager.

A teenager that is difficult to manage, and it is causing problems to others, including friends and relatives as they are needed to entertain it's unreasonable requests.

We do not need to go far. Take a look in Johor polls where PH (DAP and Amanah) handed 6 seats to Muda but it is still not enough.

PKR too offered 3 seats but it was rejected as they eye for selected seats. It says it is a new party that wants to keep up to the aspirations of young voters.

But they are not contesting in rural seats and choose not to clash with other Malay parties.

It realises eventhough it has Malay members but it's political survival is at urban areas and they depend on non-Malay voters.

Undeniably, PH can take advantage of the young party but should PH give in to their demands as Muda continues to demand more and even threatening after stating that it will place 20 candidates in the sourthen state if talks with PKR fails.
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My advice to PH is to stop wasting time entertaining Muda's extensive demands as Johor polls heats up.

Norman Fernandez is a lawyer.

The views expressed in the article are author's own and do not necessarily reflect those of Sinar Daily.