EU ambassadors call on Putrajaya's support in UN General Assembly tomorrow 

The vote is aimed at deploring Russia's "aggression against Ukraine" and demanding Russian troops to stop fighting and withdraw.

01 Mar 2022 03:50pm

KUALA LUMPUR: European ambassadors in Malaysia have called on Putrajaya to support a United Nations General Assembly resolution held tomorrow to vote against Russia.

The vote is aimed at deploring Russia's "aggression against Ukraine" and demanding Russian troops to stop fighting and withdraw.

French Ambassador to Malaysia, Roland Galharague said: "We are calling Malaysia to vote," he said during a media briefing here today. While General Assembly resolutions are non-binding, they carry political weight.

He said Malaysia like Ukraine is not in favour of invasions and is for "territorial sovereignty and the right to make their own choices."

He said Malaysia had voted before in the 2014 UN General Assembly after the Russian annexation of Crimea entitled "Territorial integrity of Ukraine".

German Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Peter Blomeyer said the people of Germany are not keen on war. "(But after) what has happened in Ukraine, it is clear we have to prepare ourselves," he said.

He said initially Germans were not keen to support Ukraine with weapons but after looking at the dangers of the invasions, almost 80 percent support the move.

"Malaysia should also think of supporting the resolution. We hope Malaysia supports," Blomeyer said. He urged nations to unite to remain strong in the midst of such unprecedented times and to stop such "aggression" from happening again.

EU Ambassador Michalis Rokas cautioned that the world is facing a global security threat after Russian President Vladimir Putin had put his nuclear forces on high alert.

"There could be high consequences which humanity has not seen before," said Rokas.

He added there is no justification in this day and age to attack innocent surveillance by force and without any provocation just before one does not like "democratic choices". Galharague added China has also abstained from supporting Russia's position.

Rokas touched on the refugee crisis, stating so far 300,000 refugees are making their way to Poland and Romania just 5 days after the invasion and more are expected as Russia continues to kill and wound innocent civilians.

Malaysia has so far said it hopes that the best possible peaceful settlement between Ukraine and Russia can be reached soon, and the conflict to end. ASEAN countries have also expressed "concerns" over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Singapore, however has imposed unilateral sanctions against Russia.