Covid-19 patients disappointed over inability to vote, no polling channel provided at PKRC

12 Mar 2022 06:52pm
People lining up to cast their votes at Sekolah Kebangsaan Larkin 1 polling centre, today. - BERNAMA
People lining up to cast their votes at Sekolah Kebangsaan Larkin 1 polling centre, today. - BERNAMA

JOHOR BAHRU - For Covid-19 patients, they had to forget about casting their votes in the Johor election to choose a new state government so as to focus on their health recovery process.

However, some opined that the Health Ministry and Election Commission (EC) should have considered setting up a polling channel at the Low-Risk Quarantine and Treatment Centres (PKRC).

Norjihan Sukaraman, 24, a registered voter for the state seat of Bukit Pasir, Pagoh said she was raring to vote in this state election but had contracted Covid-19 two days ahead of polling.

"I had asked my parents on the voting process; what I should do, which document to bring so that when I reach the polling centre, I would know what to do.

"I had been so excited to vote after reaching adulthood and also about meeting my former schoolmates on polling day as they would also be voting there. Perhaps I will have the chance to vote in the next election, God willing,” she said when contacted, here, today.

Norshahida Mohd Zani, 25, who should be voting in the Larkin constituency, said she was excited to vote following the fielding of many young candidates and participation of new political parties in this state election.

"I read the manifesto of each contesting party. I felt the Johor state election would be exciting with the fielding of several young candidates. Previously, we would be seeing the same old faces.

"It’s regrettable that I am not able to vote....initially, I thought the PKRC here would open a voting channel for its patients. But it was not to be. I feel sad as I have been looking forward to casting my vote,” she said.

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Norhayati Samsudin, 60, who should also have voted in Larkin, agreed with Norshahida’s view that the relevant authorities could have considered opening a polling centre at the PKRCs involved.

"This is to enable those with Covid-19 infection to carry out their responsibility of voting in a democratic society.

"It’s a disappointment not to able to vote this time. Previously, I had never missed voting each election time. (I had been) very enthusiastic to vote. So, I hope the ministry and EC can think of a way for people like us, quarantined at the PKRC, to cast our votes,” she said. - BERNAMA