Ex-Mara Inc chairman pleads not guilty to RM10 million money laundering charge

16 Mar 2022 12:17am
Former Mara Inc chairman Datuk Mohammad Lan Allani - BERNAMA
Former Mara Inc chairman Datuk Mohammad Lan Allani - BERNAMA

KOTA KINABALU - Former Mara Incorporated Sdn Bhd (Mara Inc) chairman Datuk Mohammad Lan Allani today pleaded not guilty before Judge Abu Bakar Manat in the Special Sessions Court for Corruption here on two counts of money laundering involving RM10 million.

Mohammad Lan, 66, is alleged to have engaged in money laundering by transferring RM3 million from his CIMB Bank private banking portfolio account to his CIMB Bank Berhad fixed deposit account also at CIMB Bank, in Jalan Sagunting, Central Building here on Dec 10, 2012.

On the second charge, he is accused of transferring RM7 million into his account at the same place and day.

He was charged under Section 4 (1) of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act 2001 (Act 613), and is punishable under Section 4 (1) of the same act which carries a fine of up to RM5 million or imprisonment for up to five years or both if convicted.

Judge Abu Bakar fixed bail at RM100,000 and June 30 for remention of the case.

On Jan 10, Mohammad Lan was granted a discharge not amounting to an acquittal at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court on similar charges.

Judge Suzana Hussin made that decision when the prosecution told the court that Mohammad Lan would be charged again at the Sessions Court in Kota Kinabalu.

Also in the Special Sessions Court for Corruption, former Sabah Ports and Wharf Department director Abel Ongkunik, 50, pleaded not guilty to 29 charges of corruption at several banks here between 2017 and 2018, involving RM1.29 million.

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According to the charge, Abel corruptly obtained for himself a bribe as an inducement to commit an act relating to the principal's affairs, namely approving a work licence for the purpose of towing services to several companies in the state.

He was charged with an offence under Section 17 (a) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Act 2009 which is punishable under Section 24 (1) of the same act, carrying a fine of not less than 10 times the value of the bribe or RM1 million, or imprisonment up to 20 years, or both simultaneously.

Abu Bakar fixed bail at RM100,000 and set remention on April 29. - BERNAMA