The next govt is in your hands, Ikatan reminds youths

16 Mar 2022 04:50pm
Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia youth chief Shahir Adnan
Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia youth chief Shahir Adnan
SHAH ALAM: Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia has urged youths to play their part in the coming general elections, this comes after a low turnout in the recent Johor state elections.

Shahir Adnan, the party's youth chief said they could prevent the same incident as seen in Johor with only 54 percent of voters coming out to vote.

"We do not want only 50 to 60 percent to decide on the next government," he said in a statement.

This comes as speculations are rife that GE15 may be held this year.

Shahir said there has been a change of 3 administrations after GE14, youths could prevent this by increasing the voter turnout to form a stronger government.

"Let's not waste this opportunity to vote for a better government," the Kelantan chief added.

During Johor state elections, he said even though Undi18 voters and automatic registration voters went out to vote but the majority did not do so.

"This had an impact on the overall results," he said.

During the March 12 elections, BN recaptured Johor with a landslide win. It won 40 of the total 56 seats contested. Umno won 33 seats, MCA four and MIC three. PH won 11 seats and PN three seats. PKR and Muda won one seat each.
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The state polls saw 18 to 20-year-old youths voting for the first time.