Meet Dr Daging, the masters of meat

03 Apr 2022 08:05am
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Dr Daging has been importing livestock via air for the past 10 years and they have recently started their website during the pandemic for their customers to purchase their products online.

With their farm located at Pulau Indah, Klang, they have looked over 1,300 livestock, all of which are well taken care of, to ensure that the quality of its meat would be in its best condition.

Dr Daging co-founder Rabiatul Adawiyyah Mohmad stated that it is important for the livestock to be fed well and given proper care since it can be sensitive, hence can affect the quality of the meat produced.

“The way we manage them, look after them and feed them is done with care because it's akin to looking after newborns.

"We ensure that the meat is halal for our customers," she said in a new episode of Bang For Your Buck.

She shared that the breed for the cattle and sheep that they have in the farm is fed with a 90 per cent local feed which is a plant-based mix of hay, palm, soybean and pineapple.

The breed that they have in the farm is Black Angus and Wagyu for cattle, and Dorper and Merino for sheep where all of them are brought alive from Australia below the age of 6 months.

She said that Black Angus gain weight rapidly when given proper care, where its weight can shoot up to 500kg while the weight of Dorper and Merino could go up to 100kg to 120kg.

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However at Dr Daging, they will slaughter and process them once they reach the weight of 50kg because the fat will be reduced and the texture of the meat is at its best during that time.

When asked about the speciality of meat from Dr Daging, Rabiatul explained that all their products are stored in a controlled environment where the temperature is maintained and they also age the meat in the chiller so that the freshness can be preserved, before going through the vacuum-packaging process.

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She said that they have faced many challenges during the beginning of their business, and it is something that cannot be avoided especially for them in the industry.

“The challenge we faced when we first started the business is finding the right breed that is suitable to Malaysian weather.

“Throughout 10 years in this industry, we are able to narrow down the breed to Black Angus, Dorper and Merino because not only are they suitable for our weather and the diet, but casualty can be kept to a minimum and we can benefit from the rapid growth of these breeds,” she added.

Finally touching on the preparation Dr Daging is going at for the Ramadan season, she said that they are working hard to make sure that they have enough stock to fulfil the spike of demand from the customers.

“For Ramadan, due to the high demand, our preparation focuses on preparing meat that has been cut and pre-packed in small packages for home use so that it will be easy to consume.

“This will make it easier for customers to prepare for their ‘berbuka’ (breaking fast) and ‘sahur’ and the customers usually use our products to prepare their favourite dishes such as mutton soup and lamb kuzi,” she shared.

Dr Daging makes it easier for meat to be prepared since the products are cut into cubes, hence the customers can just slice them thinly to cook dry gravy dishes that are commonly served during the season.

“There is a high demand during the Ramadan season because of the convenience of buying our products itself.

“Just go to our website, just click on all these items and it will be delivered to you within the next delivery day, where you don’t have to go to the shop to secure your ingredients,” she added.

Not only that, Dr Daging is putting a step further in the agriculture leverage on advanced technology as they are currently using the AI Technology where the system is used to monitor the type of breed and behaviour pattern of their livestock.

They are also in the testing phase for delivery using drones, in which they aim for the drones to be able to go as far as 15km for delivery for the customers soon.

Check out the latest episode of Bang For Your Buck for more on Dr Daging.