Fostering post Covid-19 healing through technology

30 Apr 2022 08:35am
Seers technology chief executive officer Datuk Ken Foo with Bactakleen founder, Sia Ban Ian
Seers technology chief executive officer Datuk Ken Foo with Bactakleen founder, Sia Ban Ian

We have continuously witnessed a downward trend in Covid-19 cases as of late, however getting Covid and recovering from it is not a one and done deal.

Many Covid patients experience “Long Covid”, in which they suffer from symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughs, and fatigue among others.

Based on media reports, around November 2021, about 20,000 patients in Malaysia who recovered from the virus had sought follow-up treatment at health facilities.

With Covid cases on a downward trend, companies like Backtakleen which produces antibacterial and disinfectant products as well as Seers Technology, a company anchored in producing innovating technology in the health and environment sector, are focusing on fostering post Covid-19 healing.

The two companies have partnered together to promote faster recover from Covid-19 and other illnesses by focusing on rehabilitating patients’ lungs and overall respiratory health.

Through this partnership, Backtakleen will offer a range of products to promote lung recovery and help those who had adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines.

On the other hand, Seers provides medical consultancy on possible treatments of other common ailments such as hypertension, stroke, Alzheimers and other health issues for non-Covid-19 patients.

“Everyone knows someone who has had Covid-19, cancer, Parkinson’s, Diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses, and the usual way to treat those health problems is via synthetic drugs or radiotherapy, which often results in secondary health problems,” said chief executive officer and founder of Backtakleen, Sian Ban Ian.

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He added that through the partnership with Seers, they aim to use their combined technology to trigger one’s body to self-heal, without any long lasting negative side effects.

The two companies will be introducing non-invasive medical devices in NuGen Health Centres, which is a chain of private healthcare facilities that are focused on alternative health treatments.

The health centres will be equipped with medical advices that have been approved by the Health Ministry, such as the Hydrogen Inhaler, Atomic Energy Generator, Health Energiser, Ultra Electron and Ultra Sound.

Fret not as medically trained professionals will also be deployed at the health centres to help patients maneuvre the medical devices.

“Although the country is transitioning into an endemic phase, there still exists new waves of infections and the emergence of multiple variants.

“We believe now is the time to focus our efforts on encouraging the recover of patients’ respiratory systems and more,” said Sian.

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