Stop pushing for GE15, it'll bite us in the back - Nazri

05 May 2022 09:00am
Nazri also said it would look like Umno was bringing one of his own down. (Sinar file pix)
Nazri also said it would look like Umno was bringing one of his own down. (Sinar file pix)

SHAH ALAM - Stop pushing for the parliament to be dissolved in the near future, Padang Rengas MP Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz tells Umno leadership.

He said the people would punish the party for the disrupting the stability that they were currently enjoying if his party were to make that move.

He said Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah also wanted a stable government.

“Don’t simply mention the King’s order when beneficial but when it is not, we forget about it. We can’t.

“We have to remember, whatever the order from Yang di-Pertuan Agong is there, is a need for a stable government, a stable country.

“If we violate the order then the people are right, we want to mess up the current stable conditions now. Why should create chaos during a time of peace and stability now? There is currently no problem.

“Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Seri Yaakob is administrating the country well, there is no issues. I see the reasons given are mere speculation or fabrication,” he told Amani on Wednesday.

After securing comfortable victories in the Melaka and Johor State Election, some Umno leaders had been loud and clear demanding the Parliament to be dissolve and make way for the 15th General Election (GE15) to be held immediately.

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However, several Umno leaders have voiced out disagreement and that the current government should remain until the end of the GE14 term, which has been set for mid-next year.

Nazri also said the people will only see Umno trying to bring down the Prime Minister, who was party’s Vice President.

The party, he said, was bringing down a member of their own party.

“Our country’s economic recovery is not over yet, we just want to be steady. As we are the ones urging for the GE to be held seems like we are the ones messing things up.

“Even worse if we push for GE15 and bringing down the government, we will bring down a Prime Minister who comes from one of us,” he said.

Political analyst Professor Hamidin Abd Hamid said the need to hold a snap polls was driven by some Umno leaders who wanted to remain in their desired position.

The Ilham Research Centre fellow said the country’s administration could only be stable if Umno was to achieve internal stability within their party first.

“I often say that Umno needs to resolve this matter to ensure that what is happening insider the party does not have a spill over and affect national politics.

“So far, we have seen Umno failing to solver their own party’s internal problems put to a point that it is threatening the stability of the country’s administration.

“What’s happening now is that the demand to dissolve Parliament is done by certain relevant Umno members to ensure they stay in in power and the position they want.

“Party leaders should not use Umno - as a party, as a form of blackmail to their own leaders,” he said.