Corruption is now done in broad daylight

Perak Islamic Religious Department's Friday sermon raised concerns about corruption in the country

07 May 2022 11:10am
Corruption in the country is worrying, claimed to be done openly in broad daylight.
Corruption in the country is worrying, claimed to be done openly in broad daylight.

IPOH - The issue of corruption in the country is alarming as it is now committed in broad daylight through syndicates and organised planning.

The Perak Islamic Religious Department in its Friday sermon said that the situation occurred due to the loopholes in the existing control system that allowed the corrupt to escape legal action.

The sermon said that the gap happened due to a lack of firmness, courage, and the occurrence of favouritism in enforcing the law to prevent corruption and prosecute those who commit corruption.

"As a result, acts of corruption and abuse of power escaped the worldly punishment despite the fact that the act is clearly sinful and despicable in Islamic law," explained the sermon.

The Friday sermon entitled 'Shame is a symbol of piety and integrity of the believers' also emphasised that the corruption happening now was beyond giving and accepting.

The system could be manipulated to the point of ridiculing the law as well as enforcement agencies.

The sermon added acts like false claims, ‘duit kopi’, angpao, wages, consolation, and commissions were no longer done discreetly but had become part of the dealing culture in the country.

“Please come to your senses, if this goes on, it means that Malaysia is heading into the dark ages because the country has to bear billions of ringgits in losses as well as undermine the trust of foreign investors.

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"Besides that, corruption affects economic growth, which impacts the country's prosperity and the well-being of the people. In the end, it will also affect national security.

“The people are getting sick of the situation and will eventually lose their faith in the country," the sermon adds.

The essence of the sermon in conjunction with Labour Day also explained that Muslims were less ‘ashamed’ of what they were doing which led them to commit various misdeeds, occurring in various fields of work and occupations involving the pious, politicians, civil servants and private employees.

The sermon added that some Muslims were shameless, greedy, willing to cheat and lie for wealth.

"As a result of being shameless, the culture of corruption and abuse of power will sculpt a culture in the working world and the community.

"Corruption and abuse of power were seen as heinous and disgusting acts in the eyes of society but now, it is spreading among the society," said the sermon.

The sermon which was recited at all mosques on Friday throughout the state also urged the entire community to emulate the character of true educated Muslims, with high character values ​​including being honest, sincere, and trustworthy.

“Being ashamed of God is the most important value to preserve the mind, protect the source of sustenance and always remember death.

“The traits seem to be eroding due to the power abuse, corruption and betrayal in society,” said the sermon.