Experts' participation in GE15 crucial for Malaysia's future

27 May 2022 08:30pm
Toh Sin Wah
Toh Sin Wah

SHAH ALAM: For a better Malaysia, everyone needs to participate in playing their part in making the country liveable, free of corruption and make the voice of the people heard.

Experts, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), private and public institutions, universities, colleges, societies, trade unions, ex-civil servants, professional bodies, retirees, student leaders, activists and concerned individuals can play their parts by contesting in the upcoming 15th General Election (GE15) under the coalition of ‘United Independents’ (UI).

The founder of the coalition Toh Sin Wah said everyone from each sector be it the agricultural, oil and gas, engineering or others should contest in the upcoming election so that there would be credible people holding the posts, which will subsequently benefit the country and elevate its image among other nations.

“Candidates must fit these four criteria – knowledgeable, passionate, fluent and successful. Their race and religion do not matter because in the end, we need people with passion and have the fire in them to fill up the 222 members of parliament (MP) seats and change the country for the better.

“The coalition of UI aims to reach out to these talented Malaysians for the sake of our nation,” he told Sinar Daily in an interview on Wednesday.

Toh said that many people were passionate about what was happening in the country, but they channeled their energy on the wrong platform – social media.

“The public must understand that they are the political master. Your choice is not just between this party or that party, it can be from the independent contestants too.

“We need to scout for talents to fill up the MP positions. This is why we want the independent contestants to contest under the UI. Imagine if we get the people to lead the country instead of the current politicians, draft policies and counter the existing policies based on what Malaysians want and what we have.

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“Just look at how Indonesia has progressed with the appointment of Joko Widodo as its president, that is why we want people with integrity,” he said.

Toh said he was talking to several groups to get them to join the UI and fight for a better Malaysia. He was also in the midst of reaching out to other NGO leaders and the public to join the coalition.

If his vision for UI was a success in the future, he said that Malaysians would be run by the right person for each post, instead of clueless people who were in it only for their own benefit or for their respective parties.

He also stressed that it was important for leaders to separate politics and religion as it does not benefit the people.

Toh, 63, had contested in the Kelana Jaya seat in 13th general election and contested at the constituency again in the 14th General Election. When asked if he would make a comeback in the upcoming election, he said he was conducting a study to determine whether there was support from Subang Jaya's people.

“If the people want me to contest, then I would, for the benefit of Malaysia,” he said, adding that he was also eyeing other constituencies if he decided to contest in GE15.

He also stressed that Malaysians need to repent, rethink, refresh and reform for Malaysia to gain its glory again and for this to happen, Malaysians need to vote for the right candidate and exercise their rights to vote.

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