Striving towards piety and achieving istiqama (steadfastness)

02 Jun 2022 07:00am
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As human beings, it’s normal to get distracted with worldly affairs that may deviate us from the very purpose of our existence, which is to worship Allah SWT.

Sheikh Dr Isam Rajab recently shared with Sinar Daily how we can strive to achieve piety and maintain istiqama amidst the chaos of life.

He said that when one wants to strive for piety, they should dedicate the time and effort to increase their acts of worship.

“Sometimes it’s not even about the quantity of ibadah (which is still required) but it’s not all about that,” he said.

Sheikh Dr Isam Rajab
Sheikh Dr Isam Rajab

A strong component of istiqama is resilience and consistency. Dr Isam said that once you have started to do something good, don’t stop.

There will be obstacles that come along your way, but don’t ever stop that or divert you from the course of action.

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Make continuous efforts in your devotion towards Allah SWT – although we may fall short at times.

“Purify your intentions, have certainty that Allah is with you. Dedicate the time and effort continously, and insyaAllah you will achieve that,” said Dr Isam.


Sheikh Dr Isam Rajab was born in Kuwait and graduated with a bachelor degree in Sharīʿah from the Islamic University of Madinah. He also holds a masters and Ph.D in Islamic Studies from California University.

He has resided in Malaysia for over 10 years. Why did he choose to migrate to this country? “Firstly, it was because it is a Muslim country, the people here speak English. The first time I came to Malaysia was in 2011, I felt that this is the country where I would like to live.

“If I can choose a community that sets a good example of Islam, I would say Malaysia.

“The Muslim community in Malaysia is very accepting when it comes to da’wah,” he said.

Dr Isam is also the founder and director of Arees University.