Do tampons affect your virginity? Check out these period myths

03 Jun 2022 10:00am
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With nicknames like “aunt flo” or “shark week”, menstruation is still considered a taboo topic in many cultures. Women not only have to deal with the stigma, but they are often provided with inaccurate information about menstruation.

Although menstruation is a natural physiological process experienced by most women, it is still shrouded in various myths in this modern age.

According to a World Bank Group report, at least 500 million women and girls worldwide face ‘period poverty’, which means the lack of access to sanitary products.

As a result, they not only lack accurate knowledge about menstruation, but also lack knowledge on the best way to manage menstrual hygiene.

In conjunction with the Menstrual Awareness Month organized by Aurelius Healthcare, Aurelius Nilai Hospital consultant obstetrician and gynecologist Dr Azizah Rusly has come forth to address some common misconceptions about menstruation.

Menstrual blood is "dirty"

Menstrual blood is no different from other blood in our body, and certainly not dirty! It is made up of blood, uterine membranes, mucus lining, and bacteria. Although it sometimes appear clumpy or dark, such occurrences are normal.

Disposable pads should be neatly wrapped and discarded after use. However, if you use reusable towels or menstrual cups, soak them in cold water and wash with regular detergent, baking soda or vinegar. Make sure it stays dry to prevent infection.

Placing a washed pad on the face promotes beautiful skin

This is not true at all, because menstrual products should be disposed off accordingly after use.

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To achieve healthy skin, consume a well-balanced diet. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, drink enough water and exercise at least three times a week!

Tampons will break the hymen, affecting your virginity

Virginity its associated with having intercourse, not by inserting tampons. Although tampons can cause slight stretching or tearing of the hymen, this can also happen when you do strenuous activities.

Initially, some women may experience discomfort when inserting tampons. However, that is temporary and will improve over time!

Cold food or drink worsens the period cramp There are are no studies that can prove or disprove the link between cold drinks or food and menstruation.

Menstruation is part of the reproductive system while eating or drinking activities are closely related to the digestive system. Therefore, these two systems work separately and do not affect each other.

However, some women are more sensitive to cold food or drinks, which may trigger or worsen menstruation.

Buying sanitary products is still shameful

Just like tissues and toothpaste, sanitary products are lifestyle products that help women feel more comfortable during menstruation.

Therefore, every woman should have the right and freedom to buy hygiene products without shame, because menstruation is simply a monthly occurrence.

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