Repeated attacks proof Bersatu a threat, says party's Info Chief

05 Jun 2022 08:26am
Wan Saiful when met in Kota Kinabalu after a dinner.
Wan Saiful when met in Kota Kinabalu after a dinner.

KOTA KINABALU-The repeated attacks on Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) prove that the party is a threat to other parties.

Bersatu Information Chief Datuk Wan Saiful Wan Jan said Bersatu was often the focus of attacks from other parties in the country.

"For me, this shows that all parties are concerned with the fact that Bersatu, which is in a coalition with Pas and other parties under Perikatan Nasional (PN), has been continuously receiving support from the people.

"We saw that did not win enough in Melaka and Johor but the support we received increased. So for me that makes other parties feel that they need to continue to attack us repeatedly," he said at a dinner here on Saturday.

He added that Bersatu Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was among the figures who were the main target of the attack.

"For me this is not a strange thing because Tan Sri Muhyiddin is the only figure who is seen to be able to compete and give a challenge to his credibility in terms of who will be the Prime Minister.

"So for other parties, it is very important to kill the character of Muhyiddin. Despite what they are trying to do, for me our party's acceptance has been increasing, we will continue to work to ensure that the response translates into votes in the election," he said.

Meanwhile, when asked his views on the 'big tent' approach, he stated that Bersatu was ready to talk to any parties interested.

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“For us what is important is political stability and at the same time we also want good governance for the country.

“Let the negotiation process go on, we from Bersatu are ready to talk but we will also work on discussions.

"We leave it to Muhyiddin to lead the effort and he is guided by the views given by the supreme leadership council.

"Our confidence in Muhyiddin, he has the caliber and capability to discuss and work on a platform for the people," he said.