Over RM1.7 million worth of controlled goods seized

07 Jun 2022 07:25am

KOTA BHARU - The Kelantan Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) has seized more than RM1.7 million worth of controlled items including sugar, cooking oil, flour, petrol and diesel from Jan 1 to June 5.

State KPDNHEP chief enforcement officer Aswadi Jaafar said the goods were seized through an integrated operation with other enforcement agencies at the national border and around Kota Bharu, Tumpat and Pasir Mas.

He said the department has managed to curb the smuggling of controlled goods such as petrol and diesel to neighbouring countries, with the total of seized goods worth RM72,146.50, during the first half of this year.

"We have also busted activities of embezzlement and smuggling of controlled goods at the national border from January until today (Sunday), involving 88 cases with the arrest of 26 individuals and the seizure of 38 vehicles," he said in a statement on Monday.

He added that during an integrated operation with the Pengkalan Kubor Marine Police Force (Region 3) at about 11pm on Sunday, they managed to arrest a Volvo trailer driver who is in his 30s, at a petrol station at Jalan Padang Enggang Pasir Hor.

“Checks found that the suspect had filled about 372 litres of diesel in a tank in the trailer that was modified and about 650 litres of diesel filled in in an additional tank of the trailer which were worth RM2,197.30.

"The modus operandi is to purchase diesel at several petrol stations using large-capacity modified tanks to deceive the authorities," he explained.

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Aswadi said it was believed that the fuel supplies were smuggled for sale to wholesalers in neighboring countries through illegal bases.

"Kelantan KPDNHEP is working with other enforcement agencies in combating embezzlement and smuggling of controlled goods at the country's borders to ensure consumers can enjoy fair prices, adequate supply and that traders comply with the law," he said.

He said those with any information or complaints on such activities could visit the KPDNHEP e-complaint portal, or contact its call center at 1-800-886-800 or its email at [email protected], as well as the Ez ADU KPDNHEP and Enforcement Instruction Center (ECC) hotline at 03-8882 6088/6245 or WhatsApp at 019-279 4317..