The blurred lines between good and evil in politics, celebrity Aflin Shauki explains

15 Jun 2022 08:00am
Celebrity Datuk Afdlin Shauki says in politics "everyone looks like a friend because in their mind it is all about power"
Celebrity Datuk Afdlin Shauki says in politics "everyone looks like a friend because in their mind it is all about power"

SHAH ALAM - A multi-talented artist turned politician, Datuk Afdlin Shauki finds politics to be a "real adventure" as the lines between good and evil are easily blurred.

“Entering politics has opened my mind to another paradigm that I am not used to although I am involved in film making and read a lot of books.

“(But) when you enter politics, you will realise that this is the real adventure because what is happening in politics, I would say does not really happen in our daily lives, it's so hard to differentiate good and evil (in politics),” he told Sinar Daily.

When asked about his interest in PKR, he said he believes that a multiracial party should govern a multiracial country, stating: "the Chinese, Indian and Malays have the opportunity to be leaders. The reason I say this is because we live in a society where Malays don't just marry Malays and vice versa.

“How are we going to listen to someone who always talks about Malay rhetoric all the while?,” he asked.

To support his points, he said the Quran also states that the society needs to come together regardless of their beliefs and background.

Afdlin also added he used to be with Umno because it was easier for him to get a job if he supported the government of the day.

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“I joined Umno because I do not want to be blacklisted and if we align ourselves with the government of the day, it is easier for us to get a job but I was not politically inclined in terms of doing politics,” he said.

Being in politics has impacted his persona.

“I'm a very positive person and a lot of stuff in politics is negative to the point it is hard for me to comprehend as to why people are so negative. I come from a positive outlook and outset.

“For me, my struggle would be to keep being positive in a world full of negativity,” he explained.

Commenting further, he said another "big adventure" is that it is hard to know who is your friend as "everyone seems to be your friend as they have power in their mind".

He also stressed that he is not interested in power but keen in sustaining the lives of the people.

His modus operandi is: "when there's a problem let's try to solve it and not if this person helps me I will help this person, which is what usually happens in politics.”