17 Jun 2022 10:00am
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10am - Lawyers donning suits and ties are starting to gather at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur for Walk For Judicial Independence.

10.12am - Bar Council’s Roger Chan Weng Keng leads the crowd to chant “Bebas, Bebas, Bebas Kehakiman” (Free the Judiciary).

10.20 - Malaysian Bar president Karen Cheah Yee Lynn addressed the crowd before the walk, stating that there are four demands in the memorandum -

  1. For the judiciary’s independence to be upheld
  2. For the government to preserve the confidence of the public in our judicial system
  3. To condemn the action of MACC and
  4. Possible legislative reform to set the parameters so that allegations against sitting judges can be done in the manner which does not erode judicial confidence.

10.25am - Karen leads the walk with 'Jom Jalan'.

10.31am - Police are forming a human barricade to stop the group from proceeding on their walk to Parliament, the crowd waiting for the approval to start the walk at Padang Merbok.

10.33am - Crowd chanting "Jalan, Jalan" (Walk) to urge the police to let them walk.

10.38am - Crowd tells the police to go away, situation is under control.

10.40am - Crowd looking for another way to proceed but police the police are everywhere

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10.43am - Crowd chanting "Buka "Buka, Buka Jalan" and "Bebas, Bebas, Bebas Kehakiman" to the police to allow them to walk to the Parliament and handover the memorandum.

10.47am - Crowd singing national anthem Negaraku

10.48am - Muar Member of Parliament Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman and Segambut member of Parliament Hannah Yeoh spotted among the crowd.

10.57am - The crowds are saying they are not against the police, but against the corrupt people with some saying the bad people is out there, not among the crowd.

10.58am - Crowd started reading out "Rukun Negara" in unison, the crowd has not moved from Padang Merbok as a result of being barricaded by the police.

11.12am - Deputy de facto Law Minister Datuk Mas Ermieyanti Shamsudin arrived at Padang Merbok

11.14am - Memorandum handed over to Mas Ernieyati.

11.15am - Mas Ernieyati addressed the crowd, said that she will submit the memorandum to the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri.

11.15am - Member of the crowd shouted that they should be allowed to walk! Chanted "Jalan, Jalan" and started singing Negaraku.

11.21am - Karen addressed the crowd saying that they have successfully handed over the memorandum to Mas Ernieyati.

11.23am - Crowd dispersed.