KJ: Expect new Covid-19 wave in two or three months

21 Jun 2022 04:44pm
Khairy Jamaluddin. FILE PIX
Khairy Jamaluddin. FILE PIX

PETALING JAYA - Malaysia is expecting to face a new Covid-19 wave in the upcoming two or three months.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar said the prediction came to light based on the epidemiology made by the ministry.

“Maybe in two or three months, we will be facing a new wave, how big it will be, we are unsure about that,” he said in a press conference after officiating the ministry’s Conference of Hospital Directors here today.

He added that the infection rate in Malaysia was still under control, but the Covid-19 wave was still unpredictable.

"The Health Ministry (MoH) highly encouraged the elders and chronic patients to get their second booster vaccination dose as protection," he said.

Until June 20, a total of 10,7844 individuals in Malaysia received their second booster vaccination dose.

"From the numbers, 57,834 of them were the elders," Khairy said.

He said the ministry did not receive any reports on severe responses regarding the effect of the second booster vaccination dose.

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"For those who have chronic illnesses, we encourage them to get their the booster," the minister says.

On another development, Khairy mentioned they were currently waiting for responses from the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) regarding the amendment of Section 309 of the Penal Code.

Section 309 stated that whoever attempts to commit suicide, and does any act towards the commission of such offence, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with a fine or both.

He said that the matter was discussed in the ministerial meeting.

"However, based on the ministers' opinion, let AGC decide whether suicide is a crime.

"After that, the Cabinet will make the decision," he added.

Previously, the government was urged to abolish the act in 2019.

Malaysia Psychiatric Association Vice President Professor Madya Dr Muhamad Muhsin Ahmad Zahari said that suicide was not a criminal act, but mental health that occurred due to depression.

Responding to a question regarding of ownership of MySejahtera application, Khairy said AGC has finally approved for MoH to discuss the price negotiation.

"We have not made any payment yet at this moment," said Khairy.

MySejahtera was introduced by the government on April 1, 2020 to manage the Covid-19 in the country and the ownership was transferred to the National Security Council while a Singapore-based company, KPISOFT (M) was responsible for managing the application.