Father, son drowned while cleaning pond

02 Jul 2022 10:55pm
Photo courtesy of Selangor Fire and Rescue Department
Photo courtesy of Selangor Fire and Rescue Department

KAJANG - A teenager who tagged along with his father drowned while helping him clean a pond in Taman Cahaya Sungai Chua here today.

In the 2 pm incident, the boat used by Mohd Adnan Johdi, 50 and his two sons Hakimi, 15 and Mohamad Mustaqkim, 17, capsized while they were cleaning the pond. Mohamad Mustaqkim survived the ordeal.

According to Mohamad Mustaqkim, the three of them were busy cleaning the pond since 11am.

"Earlier, we were collecting rubbish and cutting lotus leaves, which we placed in the boat we were in. It became heavy and sank. I only managed to catch a glimpse of my father rescuing my younger brother who did not know how to swim before I managed to swim to safety," he said when met by Bernama at the scene of the incident.

The mood was sombre when the bodies of the two victims were found and brought to the bank of the pond by members of the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department.

It is understood that Mohd Adnan was the contractor appointed to clean the pool.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department director Norazam Khamis said Mohd Adnan's body was recovered about five kilometres (km) away from the location of the boat that capsized at 5.12pm while Hakimi was found about 10 km from the scene at 6.56pm.

Norazam said they received a distress call about the incident at 2.15pm.

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"A water rescue team was deployed and the iron grappling technique was used to locate the two victims, 50 and 15, in the 30 meter-deep pond," he said.

He said the bodies of both victims were handed over to the police for further action before being taken to Kajang Hospital. - BERNAMA