Hilarious, says Amanah MP over govt's handling of inflation

03 Jul 2022 05:15pm
Amanah's Mahfuz Omar after officiating the 7th Perak Amanah Convention 2022.
Amanah's Mahfuz Omar after officiating the 7th Perak Amanah Convention 2022.

IPOH – Amanah says the government's measures to handle the cost of living and inflation are "hillarious" as it sets up Jihad against Inflation committee after raising the prices of chicken.

Its vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar added the increasing cost shows the government is unable to manage the issue which is impacting the lives of Malaysians.

"The government that raised the price of chicken has also launched a jihad to face inflation. One of the issues of inflation is the increase in the price of goods. This is a funny," he told reporters after attending the Perak Amanah Convention 2022 here today.

"We have a weak administration and this does not serve the country well."

Mahfuz, the Pokok Sena MP further claimed that despite the creation of numerous "task force" including the recent Jihad against Inflation, the problem is yet to be solved.

He said there is the National Cost of Living Action Council (NACCOL) and then the National Rehabilitation Council (MPN) which also play the same role and function.

"The same person is a member of the most recent group. The last two 'task forces' failed to come up with good measures. I wonder what other fresh ideas might they come up now," he said.

Even the National Recovery Council led by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Mahfuz said was a waste of time.

The Jihad against Inflation team is made up of various ministries, agencies, and led by Tan Sri Annuar Musa, Minister of Communications and Multimedia.

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