RELATABLE: Light at the end of the tunnel after infidelity

26 Jul 2022 10:00pm
Muizz Nasruddin shares his experience during Sinar Daily Relatable live show ‘Marriage, Interrupted: The Third Person’
Muizz Nasruddin shares his experience during Sinar Daily Relatable live show ‘Marriage, Interrupted: The Third Person’

KUALA LUMPUR- Is there hope of experiencing happiness after infidelity?

Yes, says Muizz Nasruddin who was previously married to actress Nadia Brian. The couple divorced last year.

The entrepreneur says forgiveness not only helped him to move forward but had set him free from pain and mental torture.

“I honestly don’t think I am fit to give advice to others, but based on my experience I think it's important to take a step back to ask yourself if it is worth it, and just to add on to that it is important to forgive (your spouse) to move on. It will be easier when you do that.

“Trust me on that,” he said.

He was speaking during Sinar Daily Relatable live talk show titled ‘Marriage, Interrupted: The Third Person’ at Me.reka Publika, Kuala Lumpur with family law lawyer Ainie Haziqah, family and couples therapist Bawany Chinapan and Muizz himself as the panelists.

He said men are also victims of infidelity and called out on other men who had put up with infidelity to seek help from their close friends or family and to break the stereotype of not talking about the issue.

“I would like to highlight that men can be victims too. It does not sound ‘macho’ for a guy to talk about it openly but we need to break the stereotype.

“If there are men out there going through this, please seek help from your closest family and friends. Remember, your happiness is your priority,” he added.

During the live show, he also commented that cheating is never a mistake, but an option.

MyMetro quoted Muizz stating that his wife cheated on him and he had witnessed the infidelity.

"Many people ask about the evidence I have. If I can, I really want to show you. However, since this case is still under investigation by the police, I leave it to them.

"I don't understand the 'slander' of what my wife said. Why do I want to slander my own wife? We have only been married for less than a year. What do I gain from all this? I have enough evidence.

"What is most important is that I saw it," he was quoted as saying.

The couple officially went on separate paths after their divorce in April 2021.

However, some couples stay on after infidelity due to a lack of resources and still being in love with their spouse.

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Family law lawyer Ainie Haziqah, who is also Muizz’s lawyer said some victims stay in a toxic relationship due to cultural reasons

“People think that is the only option but if you still love your spouse and feel the relationship is not healthy, there is something you can do,” she said.

She said a lot of couples or victims are also afraid of the word divorce and stay on in the marriage.