Mahsuri's 7th generation brings joy and cheer to Langkawi

04 Aug 2022 08:00am
Mior Johan (left) with Wan Aishah at a restaurant in Langkawi
Mior Johan (left) with Wan Aishah at a restaurant in Langkawi
LANGKAWI - The return of Mahsuri's seventh generation, Wan Aishah Wan Nawawi, 37, with her family from Phuket, Thailand to Langkawi Island has attracted overwhelming attention among locals.

Sirintra Yayee or Nong May with her husband, Alee Tongyon, 39, and their son were in Langkawi for a two-day vacation.

Wan Aishah who was born in 1986 is said to be the end of the curse of Mahsuri. The legend in the late 18th century was accused of adultery and executed by stabbing.

Before her death, Mahsuri put a curse on Pulau Langkawi for seven generations. She swore before her death that there would be no peace or prosperity on the island for seven generations. Mahsuri’s family moved to southern Thailand and finally settled in Phuket.

The return of Wan Aishah, her husband and son who is now the eighth generation of Mahsuri went viral on social media since Monday.

A 23-second video was shared by the owner of Bamboo Restaurant Chenang, namely Mior Johan Johari, 32, showing three of them visiting the restaurant.

Mior Johan said he got to know the seventh generation of Mahsuri and her family last year in Phuket.

"Family relationships between our family and Wan Aishah is close almost like siblings, we are treated well every time we go to Phuket," he told to Sinar Harian.

He did not expect a video about Wan's return Aishah shared on TikTok became a hot topic and cause a lot of excitement.
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Based on the review on Facebook, Wan Aishah under her name Nu May also uploaded a photo of her vacationing on the island Langkawi last Saturday.

Underwater World Langkawi also uploaded a 17-second video featuring Wan Aishah, husband and son to the place through the official account of the tourism center.