Sabah Umno will not handover six seats won in GE14 to Bersatu

11 Aug 2022 04:54pm
Datuk Siti Aminah Aching (left) and  Abdul Rahman Mohd Noh (right).
Datuk Siti Aminah Aching (left) and Abdul Rahman Mohd Noh (right).

KOTA KINABALU - Sabah Umno will not not hand over its six parliamentary seats won in the 14th General Election (GE15) to Bersatu in the coming elections.

In GE14, Beaufort, Sipitang, Kudat, Ranau, Beluran and Libaran were won by Umno, however all six MPs left the party for Bersatu.

Umno Beaufort division deputy chief Datuk Siti Aminah Aching said Umno will not compromise on any of the seats it won in GE14 even though some parties including Bersatu have demanded.

She also reminded Bersatu that the six seats in question were won on Umno ticket before but their representatives had decided to join Bersatu despite not having the blessing of Umno members and the people at the grassroots level.

"There is no reason for us to hand over the seats won by Umno to other parties in GE15.

"This decision was not only made by Umno's Supreme Council (MKT) but it comes from the grassroots who want Umno to be dominant again," she said in a statement.

She said this in response to Sabah Bersatu Youth leader Datuk Seri Azizah Mohd Dun's statement that Bersatu will defend its current six seats.

Siti Aminah also said that Umno is aware that there will be other parties contesting in the same area and it is normal for a country that practices democracy.

"Umno is the largest party in the country, so its victory is very significant in ensuring strong stability.

"Dominant does not mean arrogance but to restore Umno," she said.

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Meanwhile, Umno Sipitang division secretary Abdul Rahman Mohd Noh said Umno Sipitang division will also defend the seats they won on the Umno ticket before.

"There is no reason for Umno to hand over the Sipitang seat to another party because the public knows that the seat in this area was previously won by Umno and for the sake of the party's dignity it must be defended in the upcoming GE15," he said.