Innovative Skin to focus on skincare awareness in Malaysia

11 Aug 2022 04:56pm
Skincare awareness to be increased in Malaysia - Innovative Skin - 123RF Photo
Skincare awareness to be increased in Malaysia - Innovative Skin - 123RF Photo
KUALA LUMPUR - United States-based skincare manufacturer Innovative Skin will focus on raising awareness and educating consumers about safe skincare products as it sees tremendous potential in the Asian market, particularly in Malaysia and Singapore.

Its international sales executive director Katherine Medina said the domestic market will continue to grow because the cosmeceutical market has not reached maturity.

However, the company will be cautious about business expansion, particularly in launching an e-commerce platform, as it wants to maintain its reputation as a clinical setting product line.

"We have a strong position in the US and will not rush into new markets; we are very selective on a global level with e-commerce sites, and we want our partners to have more clinicians, skin therapists, or aestheticians providing consultations rather than just beauticians or sales representatives.

"So, as the market develops, our partners can kind of open it up a little bit more, and only then do we advise them to start offering products online to ensure that they can provide convenience to their patients, especially during the pandemic," she told Bernama.

In response to products containing harmful ingredients, Medina said its product line, iS Clinical is formulated and tested with proven clinical data.

"We provide extensive support for clinical data in order to validate the efficacy of the product and formulation,” she said, adding that their products are clinically validated.

She said iS Clinical products are tested and proven to be non-systemic, and are safe for pregnant and nursing women, and cancer patients.

Regarding pricing and exposure to global economic uncertainties, Medina said price increases are unavoidable due to changes in the global supply chain.
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Businesses have been affected in every industry but the company can provide value to the consumer and this will help the company grow.

"It is not always about pricing; it is more focused on the outcomes that we can provide to our customers. So that is something we preach about and discuss almost every day," she said.

Meanwhile, research by McKinsey and Company revealed that growing consumer purchasing power and expanded access to services primarily through aesthetics clinic chains, med spas, and beauty bars have accelerated global penetration, particularly in emerging markets.

Changing consumer attitudes toward wellness, beauty, and healthy ageing have raised awareness and acceptance of aesthetics, resulting in demand from new patient segments such as men and millennials. The aesthetics market has rebounded swiftly in 2021, aided by increased consciousness and focus post-COVID-19, the research said.

In Malaysia, there are only 300 doctors accredited in the aesthetics field. - BERNAMA

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