4moms recalls millions of baby swings and rockers, Malaysia included

16 Aug 2022 06:25pm
Recalled 4moms MamaRoo Model 4M-005 (left), Model 1026 (center) and Model 1037 (right)
Recalled 4moms MamaRoo Model 4M-005 (left), Model 1026 (center) and Model 1037 (right)

SHAH ALAM – Pennsylvania-based baby products company 4moms is recalling over two million MamaRoo swings and about 230,000 Rockaroo rockers amid concerns that their restraint strap can pose entanglement and strangulation hazards for crawling infants.

Malaysia is also affected by this, with over 700 units being recalled.

“There are around 700 units sold that we recommend adding the free safety upgrade to,” said a spokesperson from 4moms Malaysia in an interview with Sinar Daily.

It was notified recently that a 10-month-old baby in the United States died of asphyxiation after being entangled with a strap while crawling under a rocker seat.

Another 10-month-old suffered bruising to his neck before a caregiver rescued him.

In a statement, chief executive officer of 4moms Gary Waters said the company takes “every precaution” to ensure all its products meet “applicable safety standards.”

"The free strap fastener kit we have designed is an easy-to-install solution that we believe will prevent any other incidents from happening when a MamaRoo or RockaRoo is not in use and an infant crawls under the seat.

“We strongly urge our consumers, retailers, and re-seller partners to implement the strap fastener solution to ensure the complete safety of our products,” he said.

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Photo- US Consumer Product Safety Commission
Photo- US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Meanwhile, 4moms Malaysia said they are being proactive in informing customers who have purchased the affected units, as well as working with all our partners who have sold the 4moms mamaRoo and rockaRoo.

“We believe this recall allows us to continue to uphold the highest safety standards for our infant products while ensuring no other incidents occur.

“It is equally important to note that all parents should supervise their children in and around the MamaRoo and RockaRoo at all times – that is why 4moms underscores this point in our instructions for these products,” said the spokesperson.

The tragic incident of the 10-month-old has sparked fears and concerns among Malaysian parents who are ardent users of the rockers for their babies.

Syifa Zainuddin, a mother to a 2-month-old baby, shared her experiences in using a similar infant swing.

Syifa was shocked by the news but she was thankful that she rarely uses the swing as her baby prefers to sleep or nap on the bed.

She also noticed that when the swing is not used properly or is used without supervision from the adults, it may pose dangers to the baby which can cause injuries.

Syifa then advised other parents to use the swing according to the safety guidelines and always supervise the baby.

“When the swing is not in use, make sure it is kept in an area that is not accessible to the baby.” She added.

Another mother, Khairah Nadhirah Karim said she was shocked to learn of the incident that occurred as she too, used the rocker for her then newborn son.

“Sometimes I would keep a close watch, but there are times when I would step away for awhile. I never thought an incident like this could happen as we are taught to believe that modern baby gears are designed to be safe and convenient for parents,” she said.

“Being a first time mum, I bought it as I thought it could help in soothing my baby when he cried, and it did help in keeping him calm.

“This is an eye-opener for parents. We should be mindful in buying products or gears that are supposedly designed to be safe for our children. Do extensive research before making your purchase,” she said.

4moms Malaysia encourages anyone who have any questions to contact exclusive distributor for 4moms, Bloom & Grow Malaysia at +60 34144 2427 or contact [email protected] to request the free strap fastener.

All owners of the affected MamaRoo and RockaRoo models are urged to participate in this recall and request for a strap fastener that will prevent the straps from dangling under the swing/rocker when not in use.

The 4moms products included in this upgrade action are the MamaRoo swing (models 4M-005, 1026, and 1037) and the RockaRoo Rocker (model number 4M-012). The model number can be found embossed on the underside of the base.