POLITICALLY FRANK: Instability is not only caused by 'political frogs', says MP

19 Aug 2022 10:00am
 Batu Kawan MP Kasthiruraani Patto - Photo from Sinar Archive
Batu Kawan MP Kasthiruraani Patto - Photo from Sinar Archive
SHAH ALAM – Political instability in Malaysia is not just because of ‘political frogs’ and are linked to corruption and abuse of power, says the Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto.

She said that the amendment to the Federal Constitution preventing party hopping brings a sigh of relief for many people because they have been feeling discouraged to vote, fearing that they would be betrayed or cheated again.

“The amendment is going to stop that so no MP or assembly person who contests under a certain party or banner or political ideology can desert that and jump because of their own personal reasons,” she told Sinar Daily"s Politically Frank.

She added the recently passed anti-hopping laws will protect the integrity of both the democracy and the electoral system of the country.

Govt's failure to amend laws to confer equal rights to Malaysian mothers

On the recent Appeal Court's decision not to allow mothers to pass their citizenship to children born overseas, she said it was disappointing to note the government's failure to amend the Federal Constitution so that Malaysian mothers have equal rights as fathers to confer Malaysian citizenship to their children.

“They want their children to be Malaysian because they are Malaysian and they love this country and the government is saying ‘no, you cannot be a Malaysian’,” she said.

She said there need to be more discussions on this because many do not understand the law.

“They think there is a group that wants dual citizenship but absolutely not. We just want what is enjoyed by Malaysian fathers to confer their citizenship to their children born overseas,” she said.
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She hopes the government will amend these laws the Federal Constitution in the next Parliament sitting.

Kasthuri recently married Alain Morvan, a French journalists’ rights activist, an anti-death penalty advocate and a former reporter at the National Registration Department in Putrajaya.

Asked on her new life, she said: “We are still in the PJJ (pengantin jarak jauh or long distance marriage) phase but I will be meeting him soon and I look forward to that,” she said.