U Mobile's new postpaid plans offers high speed data of up to 1000GB

22 Aug 2022 10:45am
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Ever since the pandemic started in the last two years, U Mobile users’ needs have evolved and mobile connectivity is in greater demand than ever.

Data utilisation by Malaysians has increased by 47 per cent while average hours spent on mobile rose by 1.3 hours daily, according to U Mobile chief marketing officer, Navin Manian.

With this in mind, U Mobile has introduced a new 5G-ready postpaid plan with an "Unbeatable" lineup.

The telco is offering high speed data of up to 1000GB, with plans that costs less than RM100 per month.

Designed to meet user connectivity and lifestyle needs, new tiers are introduced to its set of postpaid plans - two of which marks an addition to the U Postpaid 38 which was introduced early this year.

The star of the show would be the U Postpaid 98 plan where it offers a whopping 1TB of monthly high-speed data for RM98. This plan can also be shared with up to six other family members through its U FamilyShare line, where every additional line will cost RM38.

Also, it should be known that signups for the U Postpaid 98 will be eligible for U PayLater which means you can get a smartphone at a monthly installment to go with the postpaid plan.

Next, the U Postpaid 68 plan will get you 100GB for a month at RM68. This, however, does not entitle customers to a U PayLater subscription.

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Best of all, these plans come with 15GB roaming data which is avialbale across 68 countries.

said: “With U Postpaid 98 and U Postpaid 68, we have been very focused on ensuring the plans are unbeatable and also full-fledged in terms of services, with all the high-speed data you could ever need, accessible in pricing, 5G-ready and meets a family’s total needs, especially in this tough economic climate.”

More information is available on the UMobile website.