Penang DAP to screen 30 fresh faces for GE15

22 Aug 2022 10:00pm
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GEORGETOWN -- Penang DAP will interview 30 new candidates as the party gears up for the 15th General Election (GE15).

Party's national vice-chairman, Chow Kon Yeow, said these fresh faces will undergo special interview with a five-member panel before being screened and fielded as GE15 candidates.

Chow added that the names of the 30 candidates -- comprising of professionals such was lawyers, councillors and businessmen -- were submitted by every party branches in Penang.

"We believe the session will take about four days to complete.

"We will also interview the incumbents to listen to their voices and views about the direction [for GE15] among other things," said Chow at a press conference at his office, here, today.

Elaborating on the criteria of the interview, Chow explained that they were looking for winnable candidates with political experiences, good education and possess strong command of languages.

"We also want those who has experience in doing community activities and can come up with new ideas in shaping political direction," said Chow who is also Penang Chief Minister.

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